A mushroom-y gift guide (for the impossible to buy for)

A mushroom-y gift guide (for the impossible to buy for)

A mushroom-y gift guide (for the impossible to buy for)


Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year (except for when you have absolutely no idea what gifts to get your family and friends).  

But don’t sweat it, we’ve got four great gift ideas to suit any fun-ghi or fun-gal in your life.

Plus, you don’t need to be a “mycophile” to appreciate a mushroom-y gift. And with every type of mushroom bringing its own unique benefits, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for co-workers, friends and family alike.

So, let’s ditch the socks and choccies, our mushroom gift guide has you sorted. 


Lion’s mane for the workaholic


Lion's Mane mushroom growing out of a tree with a blurred green background


Know someone who’s working through a thesis, juggling exams or deep into the throes of a demanding job?

Lion’s mane is their perfect gift and soon-to-be “best friend.”

Often referred to as “the smart mushroom”, lion’s mane is known for its ability to support cognitive and neurological health, improve memory and sharpen focus. It’s jam-packed full of nutrients like erinacines and hericenones (which, while they sound a little like gobbledygook, are actually key players in keeping brain fog at bay). And that’s not all — studies have also shown the mushroom can play a key role in immunity, digestion and overall wellbeing.

So, it really is the perfect gift for the overachiever.

Power to strengthen memory? Check!

May reduce brain fog? Check!

Can improve focus? Check!

And really, really, really good for you? Check! Check! Check!

At Natura Mushrooms, we have Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder and Lion’s Mane Liquid Extract that can both be added to smoothies, coffees or main meals. Not sure which one to get? Check out our purchasing guide.


Cordyceps for the gym-junkie

Cordyceps mushroom on a wooden spoon on a wooden table

Whether they’re a power lifter or a yogi, cordyceps can provide much-needed energy to get them through their workout.

Sure, natural performance enhancers aren’t exactly new, but they’re not all created equal. And cordyceps can be seen as the cream of the crop for athletic longevity.

Its main claim to fame is that it can help to boost VO2 Max which, simply put, is the amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. The higher your oxygen levels, the more energy you can create, and so the better your aerobic performance will be.

And speaking of increased energy, cordyceps has even been found to support libido function and performance, earning it the nickname “Himilayan Viagra.” If that’s not enough, it’s also chock-full of antioxidants that can help to prevent illness while, at the same time, help to promote vitality and slow the appearance of ageing.

At Natura Mushrooms, we offer both Cordyceps Mushroom Powder and Cordyceps Mushroom Dual Liquid Extract. Need a little more information? Find out which form is best through our purchasing guide.


Chaga for grandma or pa (or another senior in your life)


Chaga mushroom, looking like a lump of charcoal, growing out of a birch tree


If you’re looking for a mushroom supplement to support a healthy immune function, you can’t really go wrong. They’re all great options.

But Chaga… Chaga is a real powerhouse of goodness.

Loaded with beta-glucans and antioxidants, chaga has been the go-to for centuries to help increase the immune system, reduce inflammation, soften ageing, and improve overall health and wellbeing. In fact, its restorative powers have even been found to heal the sick birch tree which it grows on.

So, the health benefits of chaga are extensive and impressive, from preventing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots to reducing inflammation and lowering risk of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer.

It’s believed that the anti-inflammatory antioxidants and polysaccharide content within the mushroom can help to relieve health issues like irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and even inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders.

Here at Natura Mushrooms, we offer both Chaga Powder and Chaga Dual Liquid Extract. Want to find out a little more? Check out our recent post: Chaga mushroom — the antioxidant powerhouse.


Let’s not forget your furry, four-legged friend…

A cute, small,  white and brown dog laying in a field of grass.


You didn’t think we forgot about little Rufus, did you? 

Well, have you heard of our furry little love child brand, Dog’s Defence? 

Dog’s Defence creates a range of delicious treats that are just filled with natural ingredients to help keep your doggo’s tail wagging.

From our Antioxidant Blend that promotes overall wellbeing to our Joint Health Blend that targets senior pooches — there’s a treat for every good boy and girl.

Discover the Dog’s Defence range today.           


Ready to have a mushroom-y Christmas?

Discover our…

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