Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

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  • Promotes immune function and gut health, an antioxidant, and supports overall wellness
  • One of the most researched medicinal mushrooms
  • Full spectrum of constituents
  • 100% Australian, grown by us
  • Ethically grown using organic waste materials
  • Grown just as nature intended: outside, off the grid, with nothing but fresh air and water
  • Extracted using our unique hot water extraction method to ensure maximum bio availability

Turkey Tail has long been renowned in Chinese medicine for its robust antioxidant and immune-boosting benefits. Modern research is looking into its anti-tumour effects and advantages for gut health. Our turkey tail mushroom is grown by us, with a clone taken from a native Turkey Tail variety.


Ingredients: 65% Turkey Tail mushroom, 35% myceliated brown rice (what is myceliated brown rice?)

Add 1/2 a teaspoon to your coffee, tea or smoothie (or food or drink of your choice)

Independently lab tested for quality

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA

Not intended for prevention, cure or treatment of diseases

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Watson

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Sue Burton
Great immune booster for the dogs

I use The Turkey Tail powder for my dogs. It has great immune boosting properties and that’s important to me as my dogs age. It’s easy to give as I just sprinkle it on their dinner every night.

Patricia Broughton

Turkey Tail

Ian Wilson
It is absolutely amazing - Definately God given !

My 80+ mother has had radiation & Chemo’ therapy on a cancer tumour in her jaw & up behind her right eye, they can’t carry out any further treatment & there is another one behind her left eye which the previous treatment did nothing to so she home for palatine care. So …. We purchased Turkey Tail Mushroom - We’ve further crushed (mortar & postal) & dissolved the equivalent of 2 capsul amount in a few mls of boiling water & added it to my Cancer patient mothers liquid food each morning & night on receiving the Turkey tail, some 2 weeks ago. It’s maybe too soon to say for sure, BUT Everything is showing great promise ! She is up & moving around the last 3 days conversing with us very well, & her pain had diminished easily over 90% to the point she has stopped taking any pain medication as she assures us She Doesn’t Need It ! - She doesn’t have any pain any more ! Fingers crossed she goes the way of Dr Paul Samets mother has done !
It looking extremely promising so far !

derek steinepreis

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder