Harmony 6 Mushroom Blend Powder

Harmony 6 Mushroom Blend Powder

Mushroom Powders Collection by Natura Mushrooms

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  • Promotes: immunity, energy and stamina, anti-ageing, cognition, calms the mind and body
  • A unique blend of all 6 of our adaptogenic mushrooms 
  • Contains 6 of the most researched medicinal mushrooms
  • A hand crafted blend with the perfect ratio of mushrooms and mycelium 

You asked we listened. Introducing our first mushroom blend powder! Harmony between body and mind is what it's all about. Introducing a hand crafted blend containing the perfect ratio of our 6 medicinal mushrooms. Whether it be the mental clarity of Lion's Mane; the immune boosting properties of Turkey Tail, Reishi and Maitake; the antioxidant powerhouse that is Chaga; or the increased energy and recovery that Cordyceps provides, we've got you covered.

Add 1/2 a teaspoon to your coffee, tea or smoothie (or food or drink of your choice)

Independently lab tested for quality

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA

Not intended for prevention, cure or treatment of diseases

Made from a mix of local and imported ingredients


Ingredients: Reishi mushroom 12%, Reishi myceliated brown rice 12%, Turkey Tail mushroom 12%, Turkey Tail myceliated brown rice 12%, Lion's Mane mushroom 12%, Lion's Mane myceliated brown rice 12%, Chaga mushroom 9.3%, Maitake mushroom 9.3%, Cordyceps mushroom 9.3%    (what is myceliated brown rice?)

Customer Reviews

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Teangi Jenkin
Top Quality Aussie Mushrooms

Thoroughly enjoying Naytura Mushrooms in my coffee each morning; mood has improved, feel much more grounded also. The product is superior quality.

Ian Baker
Harmony 6

Fast delivery and great product.

Bianca Williams
Haven’t used it enough uet

Tried it once in coffee and the rice particles made my throat a bit itchy. Will give it another try soon In a smoothie bowl/drink.

Hannah Martin
Mix blend review

Hey, I am enjoying the blend of mushroom powder although this is the first brand I’ve tried so can’t compare. On a customer service level very good service shipped and packed very quickly thank you.

Peter Whittaker
Good stuff.

I feel the difference very soon after drinking down the powder. Gets my day going.