A dog, poking his head out the car window, he's looking blisfully content with the sun on his face

Introducing Dog's Defence: Natura's furry little love child

A dog, poking his head out the car window, he's looking blisfully content with the sun on his face

Have you heard the news? Natura Mushrooms had a baby!

No, no, not a human baby.

We’ve officially launched Dog’s Defence, our new range of natural dog supplements made from medicinal mushrooms and nutritious ingredients.

It was only a matter of time, right?

When you have two dog-loving mushroom farmers… launching a pet range was almost inevitable.

But the truth is? It was actually you – our Natura Mushrooms community – who inspired this new direction.

Because we’ve had countless enquiries over the years…

“Can I use medicinal mushrooms on my dog?”

“Can I add your powders to kibble?”

“Are mushrooms good for dogs?”

And being scientists by nature, this led us to venture down the research rabbit hole where we discovered medicinal mushrooms can benefit our dogs, too. 

So, there was only one thing left to do: consult our CDOs (Chief Doggo Officers) about our big idea and get to work. For the record, they were totally on board (mostly because they got free access to the deliciousness).

 Cleo, Shane and Ash's dog sitting on the sand at the beach. She's small, white and fluffy and tilting her head to the side.

So, what’s Dog Defence all about, other than creating lip-smackingly good supplements?

For us, it’s about making sure your doggo gets the nutrients they need with ease.

We researched some of the key issues affecting doggo’s today – from inflammation to joint health to anxiety – then blended natural ingredients to support them on their journey.

In a nutshell? We’re a pair of dog lovers, just like you, who envision a world with more tail wags.

So whaddaya say, shall we take a look at the range?


Introducing the Dog’s Defence range

Antioxidants for Dogs

Ever turn around to find your doggo’s rolled in the putridest smell of all putrid smells? Yea, it’s no surprise our curious doggo’s are exposed to toxins every day.

Well, our Antioxidants for Dogs Blend helps to counteract these toxins and promote overall wellbeing. We combine the immune-boosting nutrients of reishi, turkey tail, antioxidant-rich berries, sweet potato and kale to keep them in PZC (Peak Zooming Condition). 


Anti-inflammatory for Dogs

Just like humans, inflammation in dogs can lead to swelling, soreness and irritability. In other words, not their best digging, splashing and zooming life.

Our Anti-inflammatory for Dogs combines medicinal mushrooms, turmeric and hemp to help soothe sore joints and support them after a day of playing fetch. This blend can also work to improve gut health, promote a healthy coat and boost immunity. 

Dog's Defence Anti-inflammatory blend

Anxiety and Calming for Dogs

This blend was inspired by our beautiful girl, Missy. When we rescued her she was a bit of a nervous nelly, so we did everything in our power to make her feel calm and comfortable in her new home (and that largely involved researching natural calming supplements).

The result was our Anxiety and Calming blend for Dogs, blending Lion’s Mane mushroom, passion flower, ginger and chamomile to calm your doggo from the inside out. In Missy’s time with us, she came leaps and bounds and we managed to keep her anxiety at bay (so this blend is close to our heart).

 Anxiety and calming for dogs


Immunity and Cognition for Dogs

Medicinal mushrooms are the star of the show in our Immunity and Cognition Support for Dogs, which helps to protect against illness, boost energy, support immunity and keep their mind sharp as a tack.

We combined four of our favourite mushrooms: brain-boosting Lion’s Mane, antioxidant-rich Chaga, gut-nourishing Turkey Tail and energising Reishi. Then, we added Australian hemp seeds for a healthy coat.

 Immunity and cognition for dogs


Joint Health for Dogs

Arthritis, hip dysplasia and sore joints is an all-too-common tale amongst doggos. While our Joint Health for Dogs blend won’t necessarily cure their ailments, it’s aimed at giving them a range of nutritious ingredients to ease symptoms and support their action-packed life.

We use a combination of medicinal mushrooms, green lipped mussels, collagen, turmeric, and hemp (you’ll have to hide this one though because it tastes damn delicious).

 Joint health for dogs



How to use our Dog’s Defence supplements

We created the Dog’s Defence range with ease in mind. While we all want to be the paw-parents who cook three-course meals with rib-eye steak for our doggos, it’s not always achievable. 

Instead, you can simply add half a teaspoon of your chosen blend to their food daily (whether that’s fresh or kibble).

Best of all? Our Dog’s Defence range is Australian made, kind to the planet and uses research-backed ingredients. Coz at the end of the day, we just want to turn tail wags into full body wiggles. And medicinal mushrooms are the best way we know how.

Ready to try Dog’s Defence for your doggo? Our new website is live – so pop Archie on your lap, take a scroll through our range and get in touch if you have any questions. We donate 1% of our sales to Starting Over Dog Rescue, a charity helping to give abandoned doggos a second chance at a happy life.

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