Medicinal Mushroom Powders and Liquid Extracts

Discover our range of hand-crafted medicinal mushroom extract powders and liquid extracts including Australian-grown varieties cultivated by us.

Natura Mushrooms

Our Story

We Do Things A Little Differently

Evidence-Based: We let science guide the products we bring to market and the methods we use to create them.

Kind To The Earth: Our farm is 100% off the grid, using only fresh air, organic waste material, dappled light and water (no single use plastic wherever possible).

Sustainably Sourced: For mushroom strains that we aren’t able to grow on our farm, we sustainably source them from growers and foragers in the USA, Siberia and the pristine Changbai region in China.

We Know Mushrooms: We took our science backgrounds and used them for good – we dove deep into the research behind fungi and natural medicine.

The Highest Quality: Our mushroom products are as close to their natural state as possible – containing everything you need (and not the stuff you don’t).

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Natura Mushrooms

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