About Natura Mushrooms

Mushrooms, As Nature Intended.  

Modern science is shining a light on what we’ve long believed to be true: Mushrooms have the power to heal, restore, connect and transform. They’re essential to life on earth. So with this knowledge at hand, we began our journey toward making mushrooms available to everyone. And we were adamant on doing this in a way that is kind to our Mother Earth.

Fast-forward to today, Natura Mushrooms is proud to share the holistic health benefits of fungi with you. Our mushroom farm is 100% off the grid. We only add fresh Gippsland air, natural waste materials, dappled light and water. Then, we sit back and let nature take it’s course – and isn’t that the way it oughta be?

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” 

- Albert Einstein 

We Do Things A Little Differently

  • Evidence-Based: We let science guide the products we bring to market and the methods we use to create them.
  • Kind To The Earth: Our farm is 100% off the grid, using only fresh air, organic waste material, dappled light and water ( no single use plastic wherever possible).
  • Sustainably Sourced: For mushroom strains that we aren’t able to grow on our farm, we sustainably source them from growers and foragers in the USA, Siberia and the pristine Changbai region in China.
  • We Know Mushrooms: We took our science backgrounds and used them for good – we dove deep into the research behind fungi and natural medicine.
  • The Highest Quality: Our mushroom products are as close to their natural state as possible – containing everything you need (and not the stuff you don’t).

Mushy love

Our customers are what keep us smiling.

"Natura ticked all the boxes when carefully choosing a medicinal mushroom supplier that provides sustainable and Australian grown mushies. It's clear they are passionate about what they do and that is also felt through their wonderfully genuine and friendly customer service. I highly recommend choosing Natura for your medicinal mushroom powders and liquid extracts, and supporting small independent businesses who actually care about what they do!"

Mary M. | New South Wales

"Wow I’ve been a practicing high performance athlete most of my life and 5 months ago I moved to altitude in Guyra and opened the Australian Poetry Hall of Fame. I needed to increase my strength, so chose and began lions mane as an adaptogen and nootropic. I am amazed at the benefits from adding this amazing food to my gut biome. I’ve felt happier and more upbeat because of the neurogenetive effects of this food. My circulation has improved allowing me to improve my athletic performance and recovery. Cognitively my thinking is sharper and clearer plus I have more physical strength and vascular health has also improved. I recommend Lions Mane highly especially when combined with exercise and other medicinal super Natura Mushroom products. I also feel more upbeat because of the increase in serotonin production in my gut. I am stronger, faster, more flexible, have more energy and mental clarity. If you’re ready to take you body to the next level of human evolution, then lions mane will make you roar."

James Arthur Warren | Australian Poetry Hall of Fame | New South Wales

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