• Some of your products contain myceliated brown rice. What does this mean?
    The mycelium, the vegetative state of the mushroom, is grown on sterile brown rice (Australian). The mycelium uses enzymes to convert and break down the rice into mycelium. There is research to support both the mycelium and the fruit bodies as having medicinal properties, so we feel it is important to ensure our customers have access to both. Our Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail and Reishi mushroom powders are 65% mushroom fruit body and 35% myceliated brown rice.

  • It says that your powders are hot water extracted. What does this mean?
    The medicinal compounds of these mushrooms are not readily available for the body to absorb. This means that if you were to eat the mushrooms fresh, it is unlikely you would get many of the medicinal benefits. Our Australian grown mushrooms are extracted using our unique hot water extraction method. The mushrooms are simmered in hot water so that all the medicinal compounds leech out of the mushrooms. The resulting liquid has our myceliated rice added to it, which is then rolled into thin discs, dehydrated and powdered. This makes for greater bio-availabiltiy in the end product.

  • Will these powders cure my ailments?
  • Our powders are not intended for the treatment of specific illnesses, but rather are recommended as an adjunct to overall health and wellbeing. We are mushroom farmers, not doctors, so strongly encourage you to seek the advice of your General Practitioner or medical specialist should you have any questions pertaining to your own unique situation. The recommendations we give for each mushroom powder is intended to serve as a guide only (based on the current literature), in helping you to decide what powders you may want to purchase. We encourage you to do your own research on the potential benefits of these products by looking at peer reviewed journal articles on platforms such as Google Scholar or PubMed, should you want more information. 

  • Are your powders safe to use whilst pregnant?
    As mushroom farmers, this is not our area of expertise. We encourage you to seek the advice of your GP for any medical-related questions.

  • Are your powders safe for children?
    As mushroom farmers, this is not our area of expertise. Please consult your GP or pediatrician. 

  • Are all your products Australian?
    We grow, process and package our own Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail. We source a unique strain of Reishi from China which makes up 10% of our Reishi product; this is because this particular strain of Reishi has a lot of research behind it in regards to its medicinal benefits, so we felt it important to include this too. Cordyceps, Chaga and Maitake are sourced from China, where they are common. Chaga is wild-harvested from the Changbai mountain region in China where it grows on Birch trees. The Cordyceps and Maitake are hand-cultivated. All our products have been independently lab tested for quality.

  • Can I buy your powders in bulk?
    We do not offer our powders in bulk. All the products we offer, including the quantity in which they can be purchased, are listed on the website.

  • When will my order arrive?
    We use Australia Post for our shipping, so shipping times are as per the Australia Post website. All orders come with tracking.