Reishi Mushroom Liquid Extract

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  • Australian Grown – Our Australian Reishi is organically grown right here on our farm using nothing but organic waste materials, fresh air and water.
  • Dual Extraction – Our Reishi mushroom is extracted using both alcohol and water making it readily available for the body to absorb. Click here to read more about our unique extraction method.
  • Infused With Native Botanicals – Davidson Plum, Quandong, Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepperberry are bursting with flavour and function.

Traditionally known as “the mushroom of immortality” - Reishi mushroom is used to calm the mind, energise the body and support immunity.

Recognised as an ancient superfood, Reishi is a type of woody fungus that emerges out of dead or decaying hardwood. It has a distinct fan-like appearance with a glossy sheen. 

Reishi mushroom is a nutritional powerhouse. It has a rich concentration of organic germanium, polysaccharides and triterpenes which can improve immunity, energy and sleep. In our fast-paced world and jam-packed schedules, our Reishi Extract works to release your inner-calm.

Our Reishi Extract is a beautiful blend of our homegrown Australian Reishi and native Australian botanicals – Davidson Plum, Quandong, Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepperberry which offer a powerful boost of antioxidants and vitamins

*These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Water, Alcohol (30%), Australian Reishi fruit body, Myceliated Brown Rice Substrate, Davidson Plum, Quandong, Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepperberry.

Available In

60ml Bottle (30 servings)
120ml Bottle (60 servings)

How To Use

The recommended serving for Reishi Extract is 2ml per day or 1ml twice a day. Add it to your morning coffee, tea, smoothie or main meal. We recommend speaking to your doctor or health practitioner before using Reishi supplements.


What is dual extraction?

Mushrooms and their medicinal compounds are difficult for the body to digest. Dual extraction means that our Reishi mushroom is extracted with both alcohol and hot water. This process enhances the mushrooms effects as it draws out the medicinal compounds. 

What is myceliated brown rice, and why is it in my Reishi Extract?

Mycelium is the vegetative part of the fungus (the underground root system). New research suggests that by consuming a combination of mycelium and the fruiting body there are greater medicinal benefits. In the forest, mycelium absorbs nutrients from the soil, however, as we grow our own mycelium right here on our farm we use brown rice to give it nutrients. And the exciting news? Studies now suggest that the fermented brown rice substrate is a nutrient powerhouse. Click here to read more about why we use myceliated brown rice.

Are there any side effects of Reishi mushroom?

Reishi is considered a safe mushroom to consume, however as with many foods, a small percentage of people are susceptible to allergic reactions. Symptoms include a dry mouth and throat and if you experience any adverse effects please discontinue use.

Can children, pregnant women and nursing mothers use Reishi Extract?

As mushroom farmers, this is not our area of expertise. Due to the lack of research in this area, we recommend children, pregnant women and nursing mothers avoid our products or consult their doctor before incorporating Reishi supplements into their diet.

Is there any research on the nutritional and medicinal value of Reishi?

Much of the scientific research that’s been carried out on Reishi mushroom is on Ganoderma Lucidum. While research still has a long way to go before we can draw any definitive conclusions, there are some very promising discoveries. Take a look:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kim Marie
Reishi Liquid Extract & Chaga Powder

I absolutely love this product! I believe it’s helped me to strengthen & support my lymphatic system! I add Reishi (liquid) & Chaga (powder) to my coffee every morning. The Chaga powder has also helped with clearing my skin.

Rebecca Welsh
Beautiful mushrooms…💗

I love these products. Will buy again

Helping me sleep

I’ve had a bit of a fried nervous system for a while 🤪
Wouldn’t let me sleep…. I’ve been taking this for a month and I’ve noticed it’s helping me get sleep at night, rather than being startled out of sleep by my own body julting, my nervous system is settling, this seems to be working for me 🙏🏼🙌

Customer Service and Product 👌

Customer service is the best! I sent an email about a small issue with my order and got a very prompt response from Ash. The issue i had was resolved in the matter of days.

Reishi mushroom extract helps me relax and lions mane energises me and boosts the mood. Definitely recommend.

Sherri Haring
Level indicator on side of the bottle.

Hi. I've been using your product for 3 months now. I absolutely love it. I am a patient diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2007 and have had difficulties Your product has made my life enjoyable again . The only thing I would like to see change is to provide a level indicator on the side of your bottle so that we can see when we're getting close to running out, to place new order.