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INVEST IN WELLNESS  by Ashlyn Grace  APRIL 2nd , 2020 

Here we are, at the start of April, 2020; the second month of Autumn here in Australia. The trees are slowly changing colour and the nights are getting cooler. Fog is starting to settle over the hills and nature is preparing to bunker down for the winter. Cut to January 2020, are you where you thought you would be? Is the world where you thought it would be? Are the problems you're grappling with, the problems you imagined you would be grappling with? 

As I write this, the sun is setting through the window, the cicadas are chirping and the fresh evening air is wafting in through the front door. The dogs are asleep on their beds, knackered after a quick evening run at the beach (allowed as part of current Stage 3 restrictions). What a backdrop…. for a world health crisis.


No one is immune, and it does not discriminate.

Directly or indirectly, we have all been affected. We are all being affected. 

Let’s get personal for a minute. 

Two months ago it was Summer. The beach. The surf. The cracking of a cold beer on a hot summer’s night. Swatting mosquitoes and listening to tunes until the sun went down at 9pm. Arguing about whose turn it was to cook dinner or empty the dishwasher. Catching up with friends and family... that nagging sense that we don’t see them enough. Trusting that there will always be another opportunity. Trusting the system we live in, to have an ongoing supply of food and medical supplies. Trusting that the healthcare system will care for us if we are ill. Not realising the fragility of the system we live in. 

What is really important, at the end of the day? 

When there is no guarantee that there will be food on the shelves in the supermarket (or, let’s be honest, toilet paper). No guarantee of work the next day. No guarantee of that family camping trip, or even that quick visit to the in-laws. When you realise that everything you depend on as “just the way life is” is actually as fragile as the delicate system it is built on. And when that system is impacted by a global crisis, one by one, like dominoes, it begins to fall down.

But that’s okay, because we can’t change history. We can only ask ourselves, “what can we learn from this? What can we do better?” 

Though this is a global crisis, everyone is affected differently, and everyone will respond differently. The consequences of this will differ for everyone, every single person on the planet will have a different story to tell.

So again, I ask, what really matters? 






In a world of sickness, wellness matters. 

Wellness means asking “how can I be the best version of me?” Rather than, “how much or how little do I need to do to get by?”, it’s asking, “how can I take care of myself so I can thrive? So I can meet every challenge, head on, with a fierceness?” 

Wellness means giving to yourself, so you can give more to life, and to others. 

What makes you well?

Sleep (lots).




Breathing. Properly. Deeply. 

Wellness is the foundation of Natura Mushrooms. We have handcrafted our powders to support you in achieving wellness. To support your cognitive function, your immunity, your energy production. We want to help you thrive, so you can be the best version of you. So you can invest in yourself, in order to invest in others. So you have the strength and fierceness to face the day, and whatever challenges come your way.

Invest in you. 

We wish you all the best during this crazy, scary, uncertain time. 

 Mush love, 

 Ash & Shane xx

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